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Below you will find some answers to our most frequently asked questions over the years. We hope you will find them helpful in understanding more about who we are and what we do.


Frequently Asked Podiatry Questions



What Is a Chiropodist?


Chiropodists are highly educated individuals who have earned post-graduate degrees and have dedicated many years to the study and treatment of the lower leg, ankle and foot. Chiropodists and podiatrists are primary health care providers that are registered with and regulated by the College of Chiropodists of Ontario.



What Services Does a Chiropodist Provide?


Chiropodists/podiatrists treat a wide range of conditions, including soft tissue lesions, bony deformities, corns and calluses, infectious conditions such as warts and fungus, nail conditions, and biomechanical dysfunctions that require orthotic management.



Do I Need a Medical Referral?

Medical referrals are not required to receive treatment from a chiropodist, though many patients do come to us on referral from their physician or another health care provider. It is wise to confirm with your extended health insurance provider whether or not a referral is required for you to receive cost reimbursement.


What Should I Bring to My First Appointment?


During your first appointment, the chiropodist will conduct a complete examination of your feet and lower legs as well as take a complete medical history. Understanding your medical history plays a key role in helping us pinpoint many foot conditions. We recommend that you dress in clothing that allows easy examination of the knees and lower legs. Also, please bring a list of all your current medications and the type of shoes you wear on an everyday basis. Please remove all nail polish ahead of time. Expect your first appointment to take approximately 30 minutes.


Are Chiropodist Services Covered through OHIP?


Chiropodist services are not covered by OHIP, but most private insurance plans cover most or all of the fees. Please contact your extended health insurance for the most complete coverage information for chiropodist services, orthotics and orthopedic footwear. Payment is required at the time of service.


What Is an Orthotic?

The purpose of an orthotic is to realign the foot, enabling it to function in an optimal position. These devices require a prescription and are custom made in our office to meet your needs exactly. To create your orthotic, we conduct an in-office evaluation of a number of things, including your particular complaint, foot type, gait, activity level, occupation and footwear. Then, we use either a 3D volumetric laser scanner or plaster cast impression to ensure your orthotic will fit perfectly.

What is the Difference between Custom Moulded Orthotics and Store-Bought Devices?

Generally speaking, store-bought devices come in the form of foot supports, arch supports, footbeds and insoles, and while these can offer some help, they are not true orthotics. True foot orthotics are prescription devices that are made only after a thorough in-office evaluation and from a 3D volumetric laser scan or plaster cast impression. Insurance companies will only provide reimbursement for orthotics prescribed and manufactured by a chiropodist/podiatrist.




Insurance companies only provide reimbursement for custom orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist/chiropodist and manufactured from a 3D volumetric laser scan or plaster cast.

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